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Patta Blind Nut Insert,Cage Nuts,Drywall

Ezzy Hardware Stores are Importers of PATTA Drywall screws, Chipboard screws, cage nuts, wing nuts, blind nut insert, rivet nut and self drilling screws.

Drywall screws are designed to bind drywall/gypsum board to wood or metal.

Chipboard screws are ideal furniture fastener providing high pull out resistance.

Self Tapping screws are commonly used with sheet metal & plastic components. This ability is created by having a gap in the continuity of the thread on the screw. These edges can cut their own thread as the screw is driven into the material.

Ezzy Hardware Stores are Importers of PATTA Blind Rivet Nut Insert and Blind Rivets.

Blind rivet nut also known as nut insert is a one piece internally threaded & counterbored tubular rivet that can be anchored entirely from one side. These are designed to provide a strong threaded joint in sheet metal component, pipes, plates, section, tubes etc.

Blind rivets allows two or more components to be joined together from one side. They are available in a variety of head styles, diameter and grips in Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel. It is a highly versatile, proven and cost effective fastener. It is widely used in automobiles, aerospace, furniture etc.

Ezzy Hardware Stores are Importers of PATTA Nylon Frame Fixing. Also available Pin, Rawal, Double ring wedge and sleeve Anchors.

PATTA Nylon frame fixing is specially developed for push through pre positioned wooden frame into brick or block work. The long and closed fixing shape guarantees satisfactory control and optimum corrosion protection of the screw.
Moreover, the lower end sleeve is barbed to ensure a permanent grip in masonry.

Bolts & nuts are the most common elements in construction & machine design. They are designed to capture and fasten objects together.

They are available in all types of Heads like Hexagon, Socket head, Pan, CSK made of Steel, High Tensile Steel and Stainless Steel.

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